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We’re the GRUB CSA Farm in Chico, CA.


CSA Members, Farmer’s Markets, and Restaurants
Community Supported Agriculture means we provide natural food directly to the community through our CSA Membership, as well as at the Chico Farmer’s Markets (every Wednesday & Saturday mornings, and Thursday nights in summer). We also deliver vegetables to some of the best restaurants in the North Valley. 

Although our vegetables are not certified organic, we grow under CCOF standards, which are even more strict than the standard USDA Organic standards.  We believe in providing the healthiest, tastiest food to our community and protecting the environment by never spraying pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.


Our vision is to provide local, healthy food to the community.


By providing high-quality vegetables that can’t be found in a conventional supermarket, we’re keeping ecological farming alive. In a region dominated by heavily industrialized monoculture, we’re choosing a sustainable future for all.

Coming from our global activist background — traveling in developing countries, organizing anti-war protests, and hosting a radio show on KZFR about societal issues such as drugs, Baywatch and sexism — we eventually realized that by growing food for our community, we could become part of the solution we were looking for.


Rooted in Our Values



Because we sell directly to our customers, we can harvest at the peak of flavor and deliver the most vibrant food.  You can taste the difference — it’s a quality you won’t find in regular stores. Our customers tell us that we have the best lettuce in town (our favorites are the Gem and Butter varietals), and children tear into the veggie basket and devour turnips and carrots in the car on the way home from market (or so parents report to us).



Our food brings people together—at the CSA pickup on the farm, at the farmer’s market stand, at one of our farm-to-table events, or at local restaurants we deliver to like OM Foods, Farmstar Pizza and Grana in Chico.

When you join the CSA membership, you’re joining the local food scene. You’ll walk by the fields on the way to pick up your veggie box on Tuesday afternoons, and you’ll most likely run into a friend. We partner with other local artisan food producers such as Turkey Tail Farms to bring CSA members meat, eggs, and herbs as well. You’ll get a weekly newsletter with recipes and news from the farm, and if you can’t pick up your box, we’ll make one just for you that you can pick-up anytime.

We believe in access to healthy food for all, and contribute to our community’s food security by regularly donating produce and helping prepare meals. Every week, we contribute vegetables to a non-profit that serves food to seniors and people with disabilities, and we are proud to support Chico Safe Space, providing meals for the houseless in our town.


Environmental Stewardship

We stand for preserving the tradition of growing healthy food.  We know that healthy food can only be grown in healthy soil, which is why we never spray pesticides. By planting native hedgerows to support wildlife, building soil naturally, and planting a diverse selection of rare and heirloom seeds, our 10 acres of of land along the Lindo Channel in Chico is growing a healthy future for our children to thrive. In addition, we are committed to reducing single-use plastics, which is why we are rolling out a reusable farmer’s market bag initiative.